Duck & Dodge in support of NF1


When Jonathan Rankine was just eight months old, he was diagnosed with the rare disease neurofibromatosis type 1, or NF1.

A genetic disorder that can affect multiple systems of the body, NF1 causes a wide range of symptoms that can be debilitating and life-threatening.

While Jonathan’s family are grateful that his symptoms have been mild so far, many people with NFI aren’t so fortunate. The severity of the condition varies considerably from person to person and can include skeletal abnormalities, cognitive challenges and an increased risk of cancer.

Because NF1 is rare, the gene mutation that causes it is rarely studied. Patients and their families are often left with many unanswered questions and a devastating fear of the unknown as they navigate a little-understood condition.

Jonathan’s parents, Claire and Craig, created the Duck & Dodge tournament to give their son - and other patients with NF1 across the world - hope for a brighter future.

Since 2019, Duck & Dodge has raised $390,000 in support of Sinai Health's Lunenfeld-Tanenaum Research Institute (LTRI). While other centres specialize in the treatment of NF1, LTRI is at the forefront of discovery research that will transform outcomes for patients at Sinai Health and beyond.

Don't miss your chance to join Toronto's premier family-friendly dodgeball event and support game-changing research!