Dopey Challenge 2022 for Alexander and Natasha

By Stephen Benn

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Dopey 2022

Friday 19th Nov
Alexander Ethon Benn and Natasha Elizabeth Benn were born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto shortly after noon on November 19, 2016, weighing a bit over 1lb each. 

Sarah had been admitted to the hospital in Bermuda almost 2 weeks prior, and for nearly all of those days it seemed like the twins could arrive at any minute. The hope was that they would be able to get to at least 23 weeks gestation, and we could be transferred to another facility with an appropriate NICU because they were clearly going to be coming early. Transportation was arranged for the day they made it to 23 weeks. We landed in Toronto on a medevac flight from Bermuda late on November 17th, and it didn’t take long for Alexander and then Natasha to arrive. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of many many people, our twins were just too small and died the morning of November 24, 2016.

For our pregnancy announcement, Sarah wore a shirt that said “Future Disney Addicts” on the front; they wouldn’t have really had much choice with us as parents. Given the Disney connection, I decided to sign up for the “Dopey Challenge” in Jan 2018 to see if I could raise some money for the Mount Sinai NICU, as well as charities supporting families dealing with infant loss. The Dopey is at Walt Disney World during early January and consists of, on consecutive days, a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon.

2022 will be round 4...

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Stephen And Sarah


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It takes a lot to be able to turn darkness into light. Sorry for your loss. Keep rocking Donald.


Adam Beck


Jennifer And Dale Anderson

We love you, Sarah and the boys! We always have Natasha and Alexander in our thoughts.


Matt Poirier

Thinking about you always, can’t wait to see you. Good luck & go get Dopey