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Toronto Marathon Races for Spreading Awareness to Wellness

I'm really excited to be dedicating my 10k race to support game-changing research at Sinai Health in the upcoming Toronto Marathon. I hope you can support me in helping the researchers to lead new and innovative ways to prevent, treat and eventually conquer disease, together we can help change lives and push the boundaries of discovery.

Witnessing health challenges close to home in recent years urged me to look deeper into what is fundamentally important to my life. Now I believe it is simple and true for everyone: health and peace. In most cases we can even say that health is a result of peace in the outside circumstances, and most importantly, when it’s from within. So it should be accessible to everyone.

If you also recognize the importance of conscious living and leading life with a healthy body and mind. I'm organizing a community of health professionals, practitioners, and anyone who’s interested in paying attention to their well-being. To find out ways to join our events including free weekly yoga lessons(starting soon) and discussions(around topics such as stress reduction, posture correction, self-acceptance and more), or contribute to the conversation: please connect with me via email or Instagram (more information and resources will be available there in the coming months)

For other things you can do, know that it's a tremendous contribution to those around you for you to take good care of yourself. My friends want to remind you to "go easy on yourself" and remember to "drink hot water" and to feel how your body enjoys it when you do exercises and eat well.

With much love,

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Wilson Kwan

I fully understand what it's like to go through health issues and it's general impact. I'm wish for you the best health and happiness, and a fun 10k.


Amine Benaicha


Ruiyao Li


Paul Leung

So glad to find out about this worthwhile pursuit, and to do my part in helping you reach your goal!