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Maliyah Abigail Riches was born on July 8th, 2020. 

From minute one, the incredible team at Mount Sinai – NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) leaped into action as Maliyah began her road of unfortunate complications. After two weeks of round-the-clock intensive care from Mount Sinai’s NICU team, Maliyah was healthy and robust enough to come home.

We run to help fund the life changing work done by the nurses, doctors, and admin team at Mount Sinai Hospital. They saved our family and will continue to save others who visit Mount Sinai’s NICU on the 17th floor.

This year we are hiking 70 km to represent the 70% of babies born at Sinai Health’s NICU that are less than 26 weeks old. 

We are aiming to raise $12,000 to support Sinai Health’s Hospitality Program which provides local hotel accommodation support to high-risk families that are required to stay close to the hospital through the duration of their care. Many NICU families are coming from out of province or a distance from our services. With this program, families are able to stay together and close to the hospital for the safety of the mother and premature baby. 

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THE ROUTE: Stoney Creek to Toronto

DATE: October 2, 2021


DURATION: 14 hours