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Women and Whisky

Women and Whisky

Due to a recent diagnosis with Breast Cancer I have had personal experience of the amazing care at Mount Sinai Hospital. 

I have become starkly aware of the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness and the need for funding

My wonderful friends at the Caledonian decided to dedicate the next Women and Whisky event to raising funds for Research and Breast Cancer Awareness, it is a sold out event at this point but you can still be part of this amazing initiative  by making a donation on my page.   The funds will be used by the 12th floor chemotherapy unit and to further Research

The photo on my page is myself and friends hiking in Scotland.  4 of these women had Cancer. 3 of them breast cancer

You will know someone with Breast Cancer.  It may even be you

So please give generously. The future of someone you love may need that care

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