Judy's Campaign for a Chair in Emergency Medicine Addictions and Mental Health

By Judy Wells

Help Those With Addictions and Mental Health Issues Find the Critical Care They Need

In celebration of my 31 years of sobriety, I'm hosting a boat cruise and lunch to enjoy the Air Show on September 5th.  This event is part of my overall goal to raise $3 million in support of Mount Sinai to endow a first of its kind Canadian Research Chair in Emergency Medicine Addiction and Mental Health.

As most of you know, I am an alcoholic who lives with a mental illness... bipolar disorder.

This Chair will be held by a dynamic clinician-researcher in the field of emergency addiction and mental health care. The Chair will spearhead studies to identify, understand and remedy shortcomings in emergency care that are impacting the health of people with mental illness and addiction.

I hope you will consider donating to this cause so close to my heart.

Thank you,


P.S. If you don't already have your free ticket for the boat cruise, make sure you register from the Evenbrite link you received in your email to save your spot!

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Lilliane Moses

Congratulations Judy on this incredible milestone. Your undeniable passion for helping others is always at the top of your list. You're one in a million!!!!


Judy Wells


David Murray


Barbara Cole Photography

Congratulations on 31 great years. I treasure you as my sponsor.


Jamie Gold

So glad that you are doing this and that I get to count you among my friends and examples.


Charles G. Hanna


Catherine Lawrence & Jerome Morse

Fantastic Judy ! You are amazing!


Robin Glicksman & Billy Silverstein

Congrats Judy! Billy and I cannot wait to celebrate this awesome achievement with you!


Dr. Catherine Varner

We are thrilled and excited about this event! Thank you for including us!


Linda Wells

Looking forward to making this Chair a reality Love, Linda


Gail Heney

Judy - Thank you for continuing to contribute and shine a light on the need for addiction and mental health support and research. Your generousity and years of sobriety are a testament to your commitment. Keep well - Happy 31st. Gail


Dr. Mark And Mrs. Susan Sager

Judy you are my hero not just because of parachutes and Ferraris but because WHO YOU ARE! Mark Sager “ Mark “


Ioana Battista

Congratulations ! "You are a beautiful light of hope and service".


Laura Cavanagh

Congratulations Judy on this wonderful milestone and thank you for your work for this important cause!!!


Cindy Weiner

Looking forward to celebrating your 31 years of sobriety and am happy to help support this important cause! See you on the boat!


H Wattley


Daniel Flynn


Janice Weisfeld

Congrats Judy! Happy to celebrate with you too!


Taina Suomela

Congratulations Judy on an amazing accomplishment of 31 years. You are inspirational with your kindness and honesty - I'm grateful to have met you!


Marlene Finnegan


Jill Gray

Happy 31 Judy 🎈


Kimmé Myles

Thank you for your service and commitment !


Debra Kinsella

Best Deb


David Antflick

Well done Judy !


Heather Babin


Lisa Binney

Thank you for all you do Judy


Andrew Beeton

What a great cause!



Mental health means a lot to me and so do you. 31 years of sobriety is terrific. Congrats and a big hug to wonderful you.